Andrei Cherny Raises Over $1 Million in Campaign to Replace Rep. David Schweikert

Andrei sets a new record for Arizona congressional campaigns. 

PHOENIX – Today, Democrat Andrei Cherny announced raising over $1 million thus far in his campaign to represent Arizona’s First Congressional District. In the second quarter of the year, Andrei had set a record for most raised in a quarter by any Arizona Congressional candidate in the off-year. Now, Andrei’s campaign has set the record for most raised in any two quarters in the off-year. This continued momentum has been fueled by grassroots support with the great majority of Andrei’s contributions coming from Arizonans and in amounts of $100 or less. 

“I’m honored and grateful for the record breaking grassroots enthusiasm behind our campaign,” said Andrei Cherny. “Our campaign has the momentum and support needed to defeat David Schweikert and replace him with a leader that has a track record Arizonans can trust to lower costs, fight the climate crisis, and protect our democracy and fundamental freedoms, like the right to choose.” 

Andrei has pledged to reject corporate PAC contributions, demonstrating his commitment to putting Arizonans ahead of Washington special interests.

Andrei Cherny is a former U.S. Navy reserve officer, Arizona Assistant Attorney General, and CEO of a climate change-fighting business. Andrei and his wife Stephanie have lived, and raised their two kids, in Phoenix for the past two decades. To learn more, visit

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