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This is a pivotal moment for Arizona and America – and Andrei knows it. Living and raising his family in this community for nearly 20 years, Andrei understands that we don’t have a moment to waste when it comes to building an economy that works for all, fighting the climate crisis, and protecting democracy and freedom.

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Andrei for Arizona

Meet Andrei

This is a pivotal moment for Arizona and America – and Andrei knows it. Living and raising his family in this community for nearly 20 years, Andrei understands that we don’t have a moment to waste when it comes to building an economy that works for everyone, turning the climate crisis from a clear and present danger to Arizona to an opportunity to make us ‘the Solar State,’ and protecting our democracy and freedoms – including a woman’s right to choose – here and throughout the country. 

The grandchild of four Holocaust survivors and son of refugees from communism, Andrei grew up in a small upstairs apartment where his family used food stamps and struggled to make ends meet. But because America welcomed immigrants with open arms and invested in Andrei with public schools and Pell Grants, he went from being a kid whose parents didn’t speak much English to working in the White House and building a business that created thousands of jobs.

A record of service to Arizona and America

After the attacks on 9/11, Andrei enlisted to serve in uniform. As a Navy reserve intelligence officer, Andrei saw up-close the service and sacrifice of so many Arizonans in uniform, while working to keep our country safe from foreign threats.

Andrei continued that mission serving as an Arizona Assistant Attorney General focused on financial fraud and public corruption. He put human traffickers, drug smugglers, and criminal fraud artists targeting military families and older Arizonans where they belong – behind bars.

Building An Alternative to the Big Banks

Andrei continued his fight for financial fairness in the business world. In 2013, seeing Big Banks preying on everyday people and Big Oil companies’ drilling destroying our climate, Andrei started and led a sustainability-focused alternative to Wall Street banks dedicated to helping people “make money and make a difference.”

Andrei introduced checking and savings accounts free of the unfair bank fees that hit middle class families saving Arizona families millions of dollars . And unlike banks that finance oil drilling and pipelines, he made customers’ deposits “fossil fuel free” – helping millions of Americans move billions of dollars out of the reach of oil companies.

Under Andrei’s leadership, the company created one of the largest private-sector reforestation initiatives in the world, planting over 100 million new trees here in Arizona, across America, and around the world. The climate impact these trees will have is like taking millions of cars off the road.

An Entrepreneur and Small Business Leader doing Right by his Workers

As CEO, Andrei took his company from zero to becoming a business that provided jobs for thousands of Americans – and did it the right way.

He made every employee a part-owner of the company. When the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, Andrei made sure that every employee had access to reproductive health services – no matter where in America they lived. During the COVID-19 pandemic, at a time when some politicians, even some Democrats, were voting thumbs down on the minimum wage, Andrei raised his company’s minimum wage. Andrei knew it wasn’t just the right thing for his employees, but that it would make his company do better.

He was right: Andrei’s company was rated one of Inc Magazine’s top 125 fastest growing companies in America and one of Newsweek’s “Most Loved Workplaces” in America. 

Andrei’s company was named one of the “World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies” by Fast Company and certified as “Best for the World” (the top 5% of highest scoring B Corporations) five times in a row.

Winning Fights for Progress 

Andrei’s public service began while working in the Clinton White House. Andrei saw up close that progress was possible. President Clinton called Andrei “a critical part of the team” that passed the first balanced budget in 30 years while helping create millions of new jobs, bringing health care to eight million kids, and expanding college aid for working families.

Andrei worked with Al Gore to sound the alarm and call for action on “global warming” – long before the climate crisis dominated the headlines. Watching Gore’s courageous determination spurred Andrei to commit himself to doing his part and taught him what being a leader should be all about. 

In 2007 – before the financial crisis took the Arizona economy into a tailspin – Andrei saw the need for reform on Wall Street. He joined forces with Elizabeth Warren to launch the push for a consumer watchdog agency to stop mortgage brokers and credit card companies from preying on working families. The forces of reform faced off against the largest army of Wall Street lobbyists ever assembled – and won. President Barack Obama signed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau into law. So far, it has provided over $16 billion in relief for American consumers.

The District Andrei Calls Home

Andrei and his wife, Stephanie, and their two kids, Ben and Belle (who are fifth generation Arizonans), have lived in Arizona’s First Congressional district for over a decade. 

As the Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party in 2011 and 2012, Andrei stood up to Jan Brewer and Russel Pearce. Under his watch, Arizona Democrats saw their grassroots strength grow and helped elect Democratic mayors in both Phoenix and Tucson for the first time in two decades.

Andrei has served on the board of the Arizona League of Conservation Voters, and on the City of Phoenix’s Neighborhood Block Watch Fund Oversight Committee, the Industrial Development Authority, and Commission on Housing and Neighborhoods. 

Working his way through college with three jobs (including as the world’s worst bartender) – along with the help of federal student aid – Andrei graduated with honors from Harvard College and went to earn his law degree from the University of California, Berkeley.