Congressman Harry Mitchell Endorses Andrei Cherny for Congress

Former Congressman Harry Mitchell: “ With the stakes this high for Arizona 

and America, we need Andrei in Congress.”

PHOENIX – Former Congressman Harry Mitchell today announced his endorsement of Andrei Cherny in Arizona’s First Congressional District.  Former Congressman Mitchell is a retired high school teacher, former Mayor of Tempe, State Senator, Arizona Democratic Party Chair, and the last Democrat to represent the majority of the current AZ-01 including all of Scottsdale and Fountain Hills in Congress.

“I spent my career as a public school teacher. I went to Congress because I knew I could make a difference and get things done – and that’s why I’m endorsing Andrei Cherny for Congress,” said Congressman Mitchell. “Andrei is a lifelong Democrat with a track record Arizonans can trust and the experience to get to work on day one. We’ve got to tackle rising costs for families, restore women’s right to make their own decisions about abortion, expand access to affordable healthcare and Obamacare, and take action on the climate crisis. With the stakes this high for Arizona, we need Andrei in Congress.” 

“I’m honored to have Harry Mitchell by my side in this campaign,” said Cherny. “Harry always put the good of Arizona above DC politics and partisanship – and he delivered.”Andrei Cherny is a former U.S. Navy reserve officer, Arizona Assistant Attorney General, and CEO of a climate change-fighting business. Andrei and his wife Stephanie are raising their two kids in Phoenix, where they have lived for the past two decades. To learn more, visit

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