League of Conservation Voters Endorses Andrei Cherny for Arizona’s First Congressional District

LCV, which works to elect pro-environment candidates, endorsed Andrei Cherny in his campaign for Congress.

PHOENIX – The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund, which works to elect pro-environment candidates, announced its endorsement of Andrei Cherny in his campaign for Arizona’s first Congressional District. Andrei’s endorsement comes after Phoenix experienced 54 days of over 110 degree heat, breaking a heat record first set in 1974. The incumbent, Rep. David Schweikert, has said Global warming is ‘folklore,’ dismissing the immediate impact of the climate and water crisis on Arizona families.

“Andrei Cherny has dedicated his career to finding solutions to fight the climate crisis and social inequity in Arizona,” said LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld. “We need leaders like Andrei Cherny who will put people over polluters and fight for a more just and equitable democracy. LCV Action Fund is proud to support Andrei Cherny for Congress and we look forward to working with him to build a more resilient climate for all communities.”

“Whether it is too much heat or not enough water, the climate crisis isn’t abstract for people in this community – it is here right now and it is a clear and present danger to Arizona’s future,” said Cherny. “David Schweikert may call the climate crisis ‘folklore,’ but I call the climate rescue Arizona’s economic future. In Congress, I’ll fight to make Arizona ‘the Solar State’ – a home to the good jobs building the clean energy future.” 

Andrei has served on the frontlines of climate work for over two decades beginning with his work more than 25 years ago with then-Vice President Al Gore. Andrei spent the past decade building a company that helps people and businesses fight the climate crisis, enabling millions of Americans to move billions of dollars of deposits out of reach of Big Oil and planting over 100 million trees around the world, including in Phoenix.Andrei Cherny is a former U.S. Navy reserve officer, Arizona Assistant Attorney General, and CEO of a climate change-fighting business. Andrei and his wife Stephanie have two kids and live in Phoenix. To learn more, visit www.AndreiForArizona.com.

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