Defending Reproductive Rights

The very first bill Andrei will sponsor when he is sworn in to Congress will be legislation to make Roe v. Wade, once again, the law of the land. With the Arizona Supreme Court restoring the extreme 1864 near-total abortion ban into law, we must act urgently to ensure every Arizonan has the healthcare rights and freedoms of prior generations.

Andrei’s grandparents were all Holocaust survivors and his parents grew up under communism so he knows how precious our freedoms are – and he won’t stand by while his wife and daughter, and so many millions of others, lose the right to make decisions about their own bodies.

David Schweikert has a very different view. He has supported legislation to impose a national ban on abortion with no exceptions and to effectively end IVF fertility treatments, and he’s opposed legislation to guarantee a right to contraception.


Andrei’s not new to the fight for women’s reproductive rights. And he hasn’t just talked about it, he’s actually done something. 

When Roe v. Wade was struck down by the Supreme Court, Andrei made sure that every employee of his company had access to abortion by covering travel costs and medical care if the woman lived in a state where abortion is banned. 

Republicans have been clear for decades about their intention to ban abortion – and Andrei has fought them every step of the way. He worked with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to fight to protect abortion rights.

Defending Reproductive Rights

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