Making Arizona ‘The Solar State’

From water issues to record-setting heat to wildfires, Arizona is at ground zero of the climate crisis. Unless we take action, Arizona’s quality of life will shrivel up.

But Arizona can also be ground zero for a climate response that spurs economic opportunities for our people. Andrei has worked for years to make Arizona ‘The Solar State.’ We should be to clean energy jobs what Detroit is to cars or Silicon Valley is to computers. Whether it is solar or wind or electric batteries, Arizona has the talent and technology and terrain to generate thousands of high-paying clean energy jobs.

With his experience as a climate entrepreneur, Andrei will lead on bringing public investment to unleash economic growth. Andrei believes we should take the successful CHIPS Act as a foundation for action on clean energy. This bipartisan legislation, supported by President Biden and former Republican Governor Doug Ducey – but opposed by David Schweikert, has already brought an enormous amount of opportunity to Arizonans.

We also must continue to pursue all avenues of protecting and expanding our water supply. Schweikert voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that is bringing extensive upgrades to Arizona’s water infrastructure, including the Salt River Project. That’s the wrong choice for Arizona. Andrei will fight for an “all of the above” approach to solving our water crisis and urgent investments in research and development to bring next generation technologies into action sooner, not partisan politics as usual that block bipartisan solutions.


Andrei has spent decades fighting the climate crisis. He worked with then-Vice President Al Gore in the 1990s to try to sound the alarm against climate change. 

Andrei spent most of the past decade starting and building a company from scratch that has moved billions of dollars away from being used to finance oil and gas drilling and exploration. Andrei’s company also created one of the largest private sector reforestation efforts in the world – planting over 100 million trees in Phoenix, across America, and around the world. Those trees will suck enough carbon out of the atmosphere to be the equivalent of taking millions of cars off the road.

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Making Arizona ‘The Solar State’

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